Week 8: Wisembach – Bastogne

August 31: Rest day in Wisembach

When I arrived at Camping Beau Rivage yesterday, it soon became clear that there were no groceries in the neighboring villages. My stock from Habay-La-Neuve would certainly not last until Tuesday evening (hopefully arrival in Bastogne).


Today Petra from Camping Beau Rivage was driving to Arlon to do some shopping and was willing to bring some things back for me. As today happens to be a rest day for me I asked if I could come with her. That was absolutely no problem.


On the way we drove through Martelange, the municipality where the western side of the roadway is Belgian territory, and the eastern side Luxembourgish.


It turned out that on the Belgian side there are only terraced houses and on the Luxembourgish side there are almost exclusively cheap petrol stations, one after the other. They all had a lot of clients. Tank tourism on the border. United Europe? Martelange is not really a picturesque village.


I hope that the tankstation owners are prepared for the ‘modal shift’ that is hopefully imminent (stop using fossil fuels and switching to a more ecological transport system than mainly with private cars).


Read more about the Petra and Philip’s hard work and restauration of their historical campsite on the Sponsors Blog page: Petra & Philip

Gifts for my walk for Infirmiers de Rue asbl can be made via their website, stating ‘gift walk eva’. Many thanks.
For donations:
Infirmiers de rue/Straatverplegers

September 1: Wisembach – Bastogne: 24,9 km

It was a gray morning, but thanks to the night breeze my tent stayed dry, which made packing a lot easier.


The first 7 km of the walk went via a Ravel over an old tram bed. Quite monotonous but good for moving forward a bit faster, because it was a long trek to Bastogne. The info panels in every village about the history of the tram broke the monotony. There was a sad story of an old farmer who was run over by a tram when he went to inspect his cattle in the morning because he was deaf and had not heard the tram coming from around the corner. The conductor and local community were heartbroken…


Then the GR151 swerved upwards through a mainly rural area with wide views, but also a very fresh wind. Today it did not get warmer than 13 °. For the first time I put on the hood of my windstopper jacket to protect my ears from the wind. During the heat wave barely two weeks ago it was sometimes 3x warmer.


Then I had to go over a grassy path right next to the highway with fast traffic passing by. To end a little more quietly, I followed a second long Ravel which lead me nearby Julien’s garden, where I spent the night. Julien helped me a lot.


Read more about this lovely host family on the Sponsors Blog page: Julien & Virginie


September 2: Bastogne/Libramont – Berchem, 2,5 km hiked

Dear friends and followers,


On Tuesday I received bad news from my neighbour in Antwerp. A terminally ill friend who moved into my apartment since I left to stay in a more comfortable place than her appartment was told by her doctor that they would stop treatments.


I am one of the only two confidants she has and so I decided that I should be with her at this stage in her life. So I interrupted my hiking tour for Straatverplegers vzw.


If my personal situation and the covid crisis allow it next spring, I plan to walk the remainder of the route from Bastogne up to the Street Nurses’ office in Brussels. The total mileage Antwerp – Bastogne counterclockwise is 756 km.


I would like to thank everyone who sponsored. You will soon hear via Facebook and / or a personal message how much has been collected so far.


The traditional ‘thank you card’ that Reach Out makes for sponsors after each trip, will only be printed after the trip around Belgium has been completed.


Thanks anyway to all of you!

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