Week 6 : Tynset – Røros – Trondheim – Steinkjer

Week 4 – Stroby – Copenhagen – Olso – Start of Norway Expedition

Tuesday June 26 : Tynset – Røros (58 km)

In Tynset, I am at a junction: either turn westward and follow RV3 to Trondheim, which is the shortest though dullest way with much traffic, or turn to the east and take a longer loop via the national heritage village Roros, a day or two later followed by another mountainous traject. The weather promises to be nice the coming days and the wind turned to a more positive direction for cycling northbound, so I will take the longer Roros route and hope to be able to present you a nice picture and/or film report of this village. I hope to arrive in Roros this evening.

Request to please share my most attractive trip reports with your friends, added by a fundraising appeal for the Bubaque student project (www.60-65.net#ReachoutforBubaque), because this is what I am doing all these efforts for.
Only two months left to raise funds for the five hopeful students, and time goes quickly….

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Walk around the mining town Røros (UNESCO World Heritage)

Wednesday June 27 : Røros – Støren (104 km, 862D+)
@ Støren Camping

I had planned a fairly long 72-km ride to the next camping in Singsas on Wednesday. The weather was bright, so it would be a nice cycling day. The trajectory started with a few fairly steep climbs, which were followed — fortunately — by a very long descent, which made me move quickly. Most of the time, the road followed an impressive wildwater river with a few nice waterfalls.

Time enough to get to Singsas, I thought, so I took my time, stopped to buy food in Alen Coop Market, stopped for a cool drink in a tavern along the road. Shortly, I was having a good time.

When I arrived in Singsas around 18:30, however, I met with an unpleasant surprise: the camping announced on the Norwegian touristic road map and on GoogleMaps was nonexistent! Instead of pitching my tent, cooking some food and do the usual camping stuff, I had to continue for another 30 km to Storen. I rang the bell at the house that should have been the camping, and the owner, an eldery man who unfortunately did not speak English, was so nice as to replenish my water bag, because that was also almost empty. And then I set off for another 30 km, which — thank God, nature or whoever controls this — went downhill most of the time. I arrived at Storen camping around 21:15, pretty tired.

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During my ride from Røros to Støren on Wednesday, I stopped at Alen Coop to buy a lunch salad and some food for the evening. At the checkout, the cash register lady asked me something in Norwegian. I answered in English that I did not understand what she said, and she replied: ‘ok than you are not a member of the cooperative’. So we started to chat about cooperative companies, and I told her I was a member and voluntary worker of NewB ECV, a Belgian cooperatieve bank under construction. She asked whether I was on holiday in Norway, so I told her about the Bubaque student project. Berit liked what I was doing, so we took a few pictures before Alen Coop which she is going to share on her Facebook account. Thanks, Berit, hope we stay in touch via www.60-65.net or Facebook #reachoutforbubaque

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Thursday June 28 : Day off – After the long 104 km ride from Røros to Støren I decided to rest for a day and update my story on social media and do my laundry.  The washing machine room of the campsite was the only place where I could find a dry table. There are more comfortable offices, but in the meantime my laundry was done.


Friday June 29 : Støren – Trondheim and check-in at youth hostel (54,8 km)

Oslo – Trondheim, the initial major stage of the cycling trajectory in Norway, has been completed: 638 kilometers and 8091 height meters.

On Sunday 1 July I will join the Atlantic Eurovelo 1 route and take a ferry from Trondheim to Vanvikan, where the beautiful ride along the Norwegian fyords will start. I am very excited and keep my fingers crossed for clear weather, so that I can take nice pictures.

Today’s ride from Støren to Trondheim was quite heavy with lots of short, steep climbs and then one long flat road up to Trondheim. Yet again 740 height meters in the legs. With headwinds, and without  beautiful landscapes to compensate: almost all the way alongside motorways.

Once the cycle path just ended up on the busy road and I had to cycle among the cars. Most Norwegians are courteous and pass by you with sufficient side-distance, but this is really not easy for them when, like today, there’s a lot of traffic on a road with only two lanes. Fortunately, this lasted only for a kilometer or two.

In Trondheim there weren’t any tent campsites at a reasonable distance from the city, so I spent two nights in a room in the Vandrerhjem, a kind of youth hostel. This was great luxury, to arrive at my sleeping place and not having to crawling around on your knees. And a better desk than the little table in yesterday’s laundry, jihaa! About halfway the total distance it may be a little more luxurious.

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De rit van Storen naar Trondheim vandaag, vrijdag 29 juni. Vrij zwaar met veel korte, steile klimmetjes en één lange vlak voor Trondheim. Toch weer 740 hoogtemeters in de beentjes. Met tegenwind, en geen mooie landschappen om te compenseren: vrijwel heel de tijd naast autowegen. Een keer mondde het fietspad gewoon uit op de drukke rijweg en moesten fietsers tussen de auto's. De meeste Noren gaan goed opzij, maar leuk is dit niet voor hen wanneer er, zoals vandaag, heel veel tegenliggers zijn op een weg met maar twee rijstroken. Gelukkig duurde dit maar een kilometer of twee. In Trondheim zijn er geen tentcampings op redelijke afstand van de stad, ik zit twee nachten op een kamer in de Vandrerhjem, een soort jeugdherberg. Een grote luxe, arriveren en niet meteen op de knieën moeten beginnen rondkruipen. En een betere werktafel dan het waskot van gisteren, jihaa! Ongeveer halverwege de totaalafstand mag het wel even wat meer luxe zijn.#cyclingtonorthcape #reachoutforbubaque #womencycling #ontheroad #Bubaquestudentproject #fundraising

Geplaatst door Eva Van Tulden op Vrijdag 29 juni 2018

Saturday June 30 : Trondheim 

Trondheim Fine Arts Museum, with its permanent collection and a guest exhibit by the Spanish artist Dora Garcia, street art near Olav’s Hospital, and the Nidaros Cathedral (completed around 1300), allegedly the most northern Gothic cathedral on our continent. I was lucky: there was an organ concert going on when I got there. Impressive accoustics. Photography inside the cathedral was not allowed.

#Trondheim #finearts @ Trondheim, Norway

Strolling around in Trondheim

Sunday July 1 : Trondheim – Fjells for Mosvik minus 20km ferry.  Vanvikan by boat and cycling 40 Km northbound.

It was a splendid day with a clear-blue sky in Trondheim. By 13 hours, I went to the ferry terminal to take the catamaran service to Vanvikan. While I was waiting there, Tilly arrived, also with a heavily packed bike. She is Dutch and started mid-April in Groningen to go up north via the heavy North Sea route. She had already cycled no fewer than 4000 kilometers when we met, and she was also going to the North Cape.

Although it was the first time we saw each other, it clicked immediately and we decide to stay together and cycle via the slightly hillish coastal road from Vanvikan to Lekskvik, and then left upward via two heavy 6% ascents over 4 en 3,5 km respectievely to the fjells, fairly big lakes in the deep woods. After these two long climbs, the kilometers started to weigh and we still had another 20 to go the the nearest camping in Mosvik. Tilly has a highly skilled nose for finding nice camping spots and she found on the covered terrace of a shooting club. No need to pitch our tents, there we two table, chairs and in the back of the plot there was even a primitive toilet.

We first cooked a meal and when we wanted to install our beds around 22 hrs, we heard a very loud shot nearby. Some people were still hunting out there! This made us feel quite uneasy, so we decided to wait and see, but pack our bikes again so that we could leave in case the shooting went on. Two more shots rang, and then we heard a car descending the gravel road. Afterwards, silence returned and only the clinging of cow bells and bleating sheeps could be heard. So we installed our beds and had a wonderful nightrest in open air.

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Monday July 2 : +70 km to Steinkjer
From bivouac location to Steinkjer: 70 km, 926m D+

Monday morning we were on the road quite early for a ride of about 70 km to Guldbergaunet camping in Steinkjer, where we were to meet a Dutch couple I had met in Putgarden, Germany. We had to cope with several very steep hills on the first part of our trajectory, so by the time we arrived in Mosvik, we felt pretty tired. We bought food at the local supermarket, prepared ourselves a light lunch and then went to the only place that was open to drink a coffee and take some rest.

The second part of the route presented us with a few longer climbs, so by the time we reached Steinkjer we had digested +900 height meters.

#cyclingtonorthcape #womencycling #ontheroad #reachoutforbubaque Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping