Week 7 : Steinkjer – Andalsvågen – Nesna

Tuesday July 3 : Steinkjer – camping Namdalseid (49 km)

De rit van dinsdag.

Geplaatst door Eva Van Tulden op Dinsdag 3 juli 2018

Wednesday July 4 : Namdalseid – near Myrvika

Thursday July 5 : Myrvika – Kolvereid+

Friday July 6 : Kolvereid – Vennesund (71 km)

Thursday evening we parked the camper in a little gravel road alongside a shed and a meadow and went to sleep fairly early. When we got up in the morning, we were literally eaten by the malicious midgets. Tilly and I left on our bikes without breakfast, and Els tidied up the camper and followed us. Underway, she saw a moose crossing the road with her calf just a few meters before her. After about 15 km we found a nice place were we were could drink coffee and eat breakfast in the camper.

The sky remained cloudy all day and every now and then it drizzled. The rest of the trajectory was, as always, constantly going up and down. Due to the numerous gear shifts, my derailler got ill adjusted. On Saturday I will have to take it to a cykkelhus in Bronoysund.

From Holm to Vennesund we had to take a ferry. Since rain is expected this night and tomorrow morning, we decided to stay at Vennesund camping.

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Saterday July 7 : Vennesund – Andalsvagen+ (77km)

De connectie tusen Strava tracker en Relive video app was enkele dagen onderbroken, hierna volgen dus de ontbrekende ritten.

Geplaatst door Eva Van Tulden op Maandag 9 juli 2018


Since my bike gears were no longer functioning properly, I had to leave early on Saturday morning (6 July) to reach the first cycle shop on the trajectory in Bronnoysund, about 50 km further, before closing time. The ride was quite easy, no steep slopes and most of the time a comfortable tailwind. I reached Bronnoysund around 14 hours, but unfortunately the cykkel hus was closed till Monday. A bicycle repair shop in a Sport 1 shop was open, but their technician was off and they did not have the necessary spare parts to repair my gears. They advised me to continue to Sandnessjoen, the next city with a repair shop about 80 km further, and reassured me that the route was fairly easy and that my gears would last that far.

So Els and I decided to continue for a few more kilometers until the Horn-Andalsvegen ferry and to look for a free camping location along the road beyond Andalsvegen.

Right after I left the ferry in Andalsvågen and embarked on a short but steep climb out of the little port, I saw a huge bird flying up from a rock on the sea shore. It flew a few meters before me and its wing span was as wide as one street lane. I am pretty sure it was a sea eagle, the largest bird in the world. Since I was climbing, it was impossible for me to stop and try to take a picture. The giant bird was much faster anyway…

Regarding the search for a sleeping spot site, we were very lucky: we found a magnificent camper site along the coast and saw a magnificent sunset over the ford. What a beautiful country!

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The seven Sisters mountain range

The seven Sisters mountain range

Geplaatst door Eva Van Tulden op Zondag 8 juli 2018


Sight from  the other side of the boat

Other side of the boat.

Geplaatst door Eva Van Tulden op Zondag 8 juli 2018

Boat to Tjotta


Sunday July 8 : Andalsvågen – Sandnessjoen (59,5 km)


Monday July 9 : Sandnessjøen – Nesna (50 km)

The Sports1 technician at Sandnessjøen did not have the spare part I needed, but he succeeded in temporarily fixing my gears. I was very happy, because as of tomorrow the trajectory will become much heavier again with a few steep and lengthy ascents. The technician called his colleague in Bodø, some 350km from Sandnessjøen, and he will replace the flawed gear handle. This means I have to try to get there by Friday evening at the latest.

After a few chilly days, Monday’s temperature allowed me to wear shorts again. The ride started with the impressive Sandnessjøen bridge, after which the road followed the narrowing fjord and turned into the mountains.

At Levang we had to wait for about an hour for the next ferry to Nesna.

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