Week 4 : Stroby – Copenhagen – Oslo (NO)

Week 4 – Stroby – Copenhagen – Olso – Start of Norway Expedition

The fourth cycling week was less cycling-instensive. On Friday, I took a night ferry to Oslo and on Saturday I paid a short visit to Oslo. On Monday, I set out northbound, but the first day I already had bad luck with the weather.


Stroby – Copenhagen (52 km)

When I left Stevens camping in Stroby, I met with  Heike en Dolores, two female cyclists from Berlin. Apart from Germany and some European countries, they also traversed Laos and Cambodia by bike. It was nice exchanging our cycling experiences.

The ride to Copenhagen started out via a quiet beach road with very nice scenery. After 10 km I reached Køge, where a local market was going on. Strolling around there, I met with Wilma and Jos, again two female cyclists, this time from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Jos is 63 and she pedalled all the way northward to Denmark

After Køge I followed the very boring Route 151 to Copenhagen, where I stayed for one day to pay a short visit to the city. This was probably my last chance to do so, I do not think I will ever get back here.


I stayed two nights in Copenhagen. On Thursday, I visited an exhibition of Anohni (a.k.a. Antoni from Antoni and the Johnsons) in Nikolaj church. In the afternoon, I strolled around in Freetown Christiania with its arty, creative and hippie-like relaxed atmosphere.

The day afterward I did some sightseeing with my packed bike because at 16:30, I had to board the ferry to Oslo.


On Saturday morning we reached Oslo, where the weather was marvellous. I visited the futuristic white opera building and the  Astrup–Fearnley contemporary art museum, which has works of  several great artists from the late 20th until now. The  museum is located in a very bristling part of the city.

Oslo – Skjetten (41 km – 478D+)

Saturday night and Sunday morning it rained like hell…. Around 11, rain stopped and I decided to depart for a camping 60 km north of Oslo. This was a wrong decision, after about one hour I had to undergo one torrential rain shower after another. I finally decided to stop at Lillestrom and try to find an affordable room there. I found one on my mobile 7 km outside the city, at a location where I had already been 2 hours earlier, so I realised I had cycled a 20-km loop for nothing in utterly bad weather circumstances… The hot shower, the luxurious double bed and the fast internet connection, however, more than eased my annoyance.

Skjetten – Minnesund (66 km – 704 D+)

Monday was a grey day, but apart from one shower it remained dry. I rode along a Thai Buddhist center with a nice Buddha statue which reminded me of my stay with a Buddhist family in Ladakh, India.

I had to follow Trondheim Vey all the time. The 700 meter height difference where doable thanks to a nice tailwind.

Minnesund – Kapp (58 km – 719D+)

This ride took me along a secundary road with quite a few slopes alongside Mjlosa lake. The initial 30 km went smoothly thanks to a nice tailwind. The last 25 km the wind became stronger — not to say stormy — and turned against me, so cycling became quite heavy. I once even had to push my bike uphill…