Week 15 : Erica – Veenendaal – Antwerpen

Tuesday 28/8 : Erica – Holten  (75,5 km – 262m D+)

Nice almost windless ride with a passage through a German incision into the Netherlands and straight through the Dutch Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park.


#ReachoutforBubaque #returnfromNorthCape #lovelypeople #Bubaquestudentproject#fundraising

Wednesday 29/8 : Holten – Veenendaal   (86 km – 323m D+)

Fairly long windless ride (86km) from Holten in the South of the Salland Hills via Deventer, Apeldoorn, Hoenderloo and Otterlo (Hoge Veluwe) to Veenendaal. Unfortunately with rain during the final 10 kilometers.


#ReachoutforBubaque #returnfromNorthCape #lovelypeople #Bubaquestudentproject#fundraising

The rain did not stop and my stomach began to grumble, so I cooked for the very first time from within my tent. Fortunately I didn’t set it on fire and the food tasted deliciously.


Thursday 30/8 : Veenendaal – Oisterwijk   (78,5 km – 244m D+)

I had cycled only a few kilometers when I saw a cow running loose on the road. I informed the farmer across the street, and when I took a closer look at the other cows in the grassland, I noticed at least 10 storks among the cows. Very impressing, tall and elegant birds, who were probably on their long southbound journey to Africa.

Somewhat further I passed Rhenen and followed a few dikes alongside the Waal River. I crossed ‘s Hertogenbosch and, just before Tilburg, I turned left to spend the night at the very peaceful ‘Morgenrood’ nature campsite near Oisterwijk and the marvellous Campina hiking area.


Friday 31/8 : Oisterwijk – Antwerpen/Berchem  (95 km – 294m D+)

The last stage of 95 km via Moergestel, Hilvarenbeek, Poppel, Weelde, Ravels and Turnhout was quite heavy.

In Oud Turnhout I was invited by Nelly Verfaillie’s in her daughter’s house who had to watch over her two grandsons. From there I cycled to Jan Van Duppen in the middle of Turnhout, om na de veelvuldige interactie op Facebook ook in de reële wereld kennis te maken. Daarna bij Els van Vlimmeren in Sint-Antonius Zoersel nog even mijn laptop ophalen en dan volgden de laatste 20km naar Berchem.
Daar wachtte me een warm onthaal door mijn twee lieve buurvrouwen Marina Otto en Annet van Vliet...

I do not realize yet that this trip is already over. Time really flew on my way.

Tomorrow I’ll give all the acknowledgements to all who made this project possible.