Week 13 : Mosskov shelter – Rømø Kirkeby – Hattstedt (DE)

Tuesday 14/8 :  Mosskov shelter – Viborg  (59,3 km – 358m D+)

Monday night and Tuesday morning the rain showers continued in the Rebild national park, therefore I stayed a bit longer in the shelter and watched the birds searching for food remainders. It was very quiet in the forest. Around 11 o’clock, the rain decreased and I got ready to depart.


The initial 3 km I followed a gravel road along the railway that passes at the Mosskov Pavilionen. Then I rode along quiet rural roads with very little traffic and enjoyed the mildly sloping Danish landscapes with extensive, by now mown, wheat fields.


Around 17 hrs I reached the camping in Viborg, where I have to charge all my electronic devices after a night of camping in the woods. Danish campings are well equipped but very expensive, even for someone with a small hiking tent and a cycle. Within a day or five I hope to be in Germany.


Supporting the Bubaque student project is possible via https://www.60-65.net/


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Wednesday 15/8 :  Viborg – Gudumkær plantage shelter  (48,3 km – 147m D+)

Wednesday I left later in the afternoon because I took advantage of the camping’s fast internet connection to prepare a new newsletter.


The entire trajectory but for the final 3 km to a free shelter place followed a former train track and was quite rectilinear. Alongside the cycle path I picked and enjoyed little red plums and apples picked directly from the tree. I stayed for the night at one of the fantastic open Danish shelter places for hikers and cyclists, together with a young couple that was backpacking.


Since the long and straight cycling path kept unfolding at the horizon, a poem which my Inner Motion taichi friend Veerle Duflou sent me some time in June evokes this ride incredibly well, but for the title:

“Morning ride
Left right Left right

This is how I push my pedals round after round

A long and narrow path lies ahead of me
streched out like a ribbon
on which my cycle finds his way
My wheels sing their rubber song
in quadruple time
on the musical notation of concrete slabs”


Thanks, Veerle for these nice verses.


You can support the Bubaque student project via the https://www.60-65.net/solidarity/ link. We need another 1000€ to be able to send Carlos, the second candidate student, to highschool in September.


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Thursday 16/8 :  Guddumkær plantage shelter – Grindsted Søndre Skole shelter  (59 km – 218 m D+)

Thursday’s ride was again marked by a strong headwind of 35 to 40 km/hr. This means fewer kilometers on an average cycling day, and more fatigue in the legs… Moreover it began to drizzle the last 20km, so I was happy I found a shelter in the city of Grindsted. The weather forecast anticipates rain tonight, so a wooden shelter is more comfortable than a tent on a wet meadow. The Danish build these shelters even in the garden of a school….


I traveled from one shelter in a forest, waved goodbye by a group of school kids, to another one in the garden of a school. I am curious what the day of tomorrow will bring…


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Thursday morning around 9hrs I was having breakfast and reading my emails, when a group of 35 pupils from the 7th grade ( = the 1 year of secondary school in Belgium) and three teachers arrived with their bicyles at the shelter place. They came here to enjoy nature during the day and stay for the night in the shelters. What a great way to start the new school year, which began last Monday in Denmark.


The teachers saw on my bike flag that I had cycled to the North Cape for a cause and asked me to explain why I was doing this, which I did with utmost pleasure.


One of the teachers gives a facultative creative workshop using recycled materials, so I explained her that I had made this cycle tour with a bike from the Antwerp recycling shops, and that it is not really necessary to buy a very expensive bike to do this.


Afterward, they took a picture of me with my bike to post on the closed Facebook page of their school.


Thanks, Hammerum Skole from Hammerum Hovedgade 1 te 7400 Herning! I hope we will stay in touch.


#Bubaquestudentproject#fundraising #campingwild#returnfromNorthCape#ReachoutforBubaque


You can support the Bubaque student project via the https://www.60-65.net/solidarity/ link. We need another 1000€ to be able to send Carlos, the second candidate student, to highschool in September.


Friday 17/8 :  Grindsted – Skærbæk (89,5 km – 152 m D+)

The ‘moment supreme’ of my 7-day journey through Denmark: a cloud of starlings! What a spectacle! On the second film, I stood right underneath them.

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Saturday 18/8 :  Skærbæk – Husum Ballum  (18,8 km – 11 m D+)

The few kilometers I cycled on Saturday were a fight against the elements, more particularly against a headwind of 50 km/hr.


It still went quite smoothly on the gravel road behind the dike, because on these bumpy roads one cycles slowly anyhow, and nature was so beautiful to watch: cormorants, two blue herons and the oh so lovely sheep.


Once I was back on the normal road, however, wind bursts kept pushing me sideways and when I passed a camping place in Ballum, I decided to stop cycling. At an average speed of less than 10 km/hr, I went terribly slowly while I was tiring myself out. Tomorrow, the wind is forecast to blow from S/SW at speeds of no more than 20 km/hr, so I will be able to make up for the missed out kilometers. I hope the weather forecast is right….


Anyway, for tonight I also used my longer pegs for stormy weather as a precautionary measure.


Appeal to help Reach Out for Bubaque to also send Carlos, the second student, to high school in September. Carlos wants to study general nursing to improve the poor healthcare system on his island. See on https://www.60-65.net/solidarity/ how you can contribute.


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Sunday 19/8 :  Ballum (DK) – Hattstedt (DE)  (82 km – 189 m D+)

When leaving Ballum Camping, I enjoyed a lovely tailwind during the first 200 meters. Then I turned sharp left and the rest of my ride through the Danish Wadden Sea area I had to cope with a brisk headwind, although a bit less strong than Saturday’s.


The straight cycling route through the flat polders and the rustling reed made me feel like the ‘Lonely cyclist’ in Boudewijn de Groot’s song. Despite the fight against the wind, I enyoyed the openness and peacefulness of the landscape.


In the visitors’ centre I learned that one m² of wadden mud contains some 100,000 benthic invertebrated organisms that are at the very bottom of the nutritional circle. So when a duck scoops its beak full of mud, it is not only eating mud…


Just a few meters across the German border I already saw a pair of those famous beehive beach chairs. Since there were more bushes and trees alongside the road the wind blew less hard in Germany, but the increased cycling speed was inversely proportional to less interesting scenery, Yet the car train to Sylt crossing the corn field between me and the rail track was a funny thing to see. For the first time in my life, I also saw a biogas power plant.


For the final 10 kilometers to a beach camping in Hattstedt, I again crossed the polders without any shielding vegetation. This was the ‘bouquet’ of a southwesterly windy cycle ride. On Monday the wind is said to turn north-west. I hope the weather forecast is right!


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Monday 19/8 :  Hattstedt – Luftplatz Michaelisdonn  (69 km – 189 m D+)

The wind kept its promise Monday morning: after a stormy night with lots of rain and wind, it started blowing from the NW.

So in the morning my tent could dry out from the nightly rainstorms, while I translated the update for the Reach Out Facebook page into English. Just before I left my Dutch neighbors spontaneously donated € 5 for Bubaque, the day really started very positively!


I left around 12 o’clock for a ride that went predominantly via local polder streets at a — finally– normal biking speed. The first town I passed, Husum, is quite pittoresque with its small harbour dock.

When I stopped a little bit further to check what was making a noise at my bicycle, ripe plums almost literally hit my head! I picked some to take with me.


The rest of the ride I cycled through a myriad of windmills that have been installed all around in this region.


I found a lovely campsite near Michaelisdonn Flugplatz, run by a hospitable amateur pilot. The sanitary rooms are located in a huge villa and the luxurious kitchen is open for use by campers. Moreover, for beer addicts.two free 50 cl beers were included in the 10€ price. In Norway, one such beer costs 10€ in a pizzeria. I drank one, certainly enough to have to get up to go to toilet during the night .

When the sun was setting, the sky had some blue patches that were gradually turning pink. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day!


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