Week 12 : Jönköping – Borås – Mosskov shelter

Tuesday 7/8

Tuesday evening we arrived at Jönköping and found a free camping spot at a small beach just before Huskvarna, the next municipality.
Wednesday our ways will split: Els drives home via Malmø and I will go westward to take the ferry from Göteborg to Frederikshavn, DK, and cycle home via Jutland.


It was a warm night and some youngsters were still swimming in the dark.
As of 9:30 Wednesday morning the beach became filled with people. It was way too hot to depart, so we lingered at the beach and watched the people swim.


Around 14:00 we left. Due to the stifling heat, I decided to go to the nearestby camping to get all my clothes washed. It was still very hot when I got there, so I first went for a swim in the lake. Around 6:00 a thunder storm broke out and it became a bit cooler. And my clothes got washed and dried. Mission accomplished .


Wednesday 8/8 : Jonkoping – Axamo (16 km – 209m D+)

Short ride to get used to cycling again after a week or so in the camper.

Thursday 9/8 :  Axamo – Borås  (105 km – 652m D+)

I left via a brandnew gravel cycling path alongside the E40 to Ulricehamn, but soon got fed up cycling along a busy road, attentively looking at a 10-cm pebble-free track. At the first side street I left the path and continued via small roads, which resulted in more altitude meters and also a few rough gravel roads. On one of these I saw a peat farm where long rows of cut-out peat briquettes were drying.


Cycling in the forested Swedish landscapes is more more monotonous than in Norway, where you see a breathtaking landscape behind every road bend. Another difference is the fact that I now have several route options and have to try to find the most convenient one. In Norway, everbody has to follow the same road alongside the fjord, and only every now and then there is a junction to another fjord.


I could cycle the 44 km from Ulricehamn to Borås via a traffick-free former railroad track with fewer slopes. The final 20km, though, were boring because of dense vegetation with no panoramic views.


Borås is a bustling city at the shore of a river with a vibrating nightlife, certainly worth a visit for people who have enough time. I arrived very late after the long bike ride and the camping was at the outskirts of the city, so I could not really enjoy it.


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Because of the stormy wind (headwind of course) the lunch-in-bus time has started again.

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Friday 10/8 : Borås – Partille (63,5 km – 619m D+)

Cycling was no fun today. A violent thunderstorm with strong wind bursts broke out during the night in Boras, and the wind continued to blow from the southwest at speeds of 35-40 km/hr. Since Goteborg is westbound, the wind blew constantly in my face from the left. I had to gear down to my second-smallest gear when it had free game over lakes or prairies. On top of that, there were short but severe
showers. Fortunately, I dried up quickly due to the wind….


I went to the hostel/campsite in Partille, a little town located 16 km from Goteborg, but the camp site was only for campers, I was not allowed to pitch my tent. Since I was very tired and wooded areas are sparse in this suburban region, I decide to take a room.


If all goes well, I will be in Denmark tomorrow evening.

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Saturday 11/8 : Partille – Göteborg//Frederikshaven – Nordstrand (26,6 km – 181m D+)

Back in Denmark!

Saturday morning I left Partille before 10 o’clock to cycle the 16 km predominantly hilldown to the ferry terminal in Goteborg with a view to boarding the 12:15 ferry to Frederikshavn. Two thunderstorms and multiple roadworks in the city obstructed this plan. Due to pouring rain, it was very difficult to consult GoogleMaps on my phone and the GPS voice instructions often sent me into closed-off roads. As a result, I was 10 minutes too late for the ferry and I had to wait for the next one at 4 o’clock.

By way of comfort, I went to eat a delicious tali in an Indian restaurant nearby. When I left the restaurant, the weather began to clear up.
The ferry was a luxurious vessel with several decks, bars, casino, shop, outlet and so on. All this for a voyage of no more than 3 hours…

Due to my late arrival because of the missed ferry in Goteborg, I headed out for the nearestby beach camping in Frederikshavn, and I was in time to witness the sunset after pitching my tent.
Rain clouds were driven into the Kattegat sea from overland, which resulted in marvellous skyscapes.

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Sunday 12/8 : Frederikshaven/Nordstrand – Melholt  (52 km – 108m D+)

The Nordstrand camping where I stayed for the night was very luxurious: it had a TV and internet room, an indoor swimming pool that was reserved for adults between 8 and 10, a very well equipped kitchen …. Therefore I decided to stay until checkout time on Sunday and went for a swim before breakfast. Afterwards, I packed my tent at my ease and replaced– for the first time all by myself — the brake pads of my rearbrake and tightened it. Hence the ‘proud’ emoticon.


At 12 hrs I headed southbound following the Kattegat coastal line. The wind blew at a speed of 20km/hr from S/SW, so most of the time it blew against me. The scenery was monotonous: extensive cornfields that ran until the sea and sparse patches of wood. Therefore I took some pictures in nice villages I passed: Five in Sæby and one with the canoes in Voerså.


By 16:30 it began to drizzle and about one hour later in Melholt I passed a cosy small nature campsite run by a Dutch couple. I was happy to stay there because the rain was becoming worse. Most campers were Dutch, so it felt as if I was camping in the Netherlands…. And most of them showed interest in the www.60-65.net Bubaque project.


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Monday 13/8 : Melholt – Mosskov shelter  (77.6 km – 404m D+)

It was drizzling on Monday, so I put on my rain gear and set off direction Aalborg. The wind blew from the back today and I reached the city short after lunch. Since it was constantly raining, I didn’t feel like making extra kilometers and followed the cycling path alongside the main road from Aalborg to Hobro, where I intended to go to the camp site and stay for two nights, since Tuesday will be another rainy day.


Just beyond Støvring, however, there was an alternative road that went straight through the Rebild national park where Els and I were two years ago, so I decided to follow that road. This resulted in more hills, but what a relief after the noisy main road.


At the Mosskov Pavilion, where we dined two years ago but which was closed now, I found one of the comfortable Danish wooden shelter sites, so I decided to stay there for the night. In rainy weather, the wooden shelters offer more protection against moist and rain than a small hiking tent. Moreover, at the pavilion there was a toilet with lavabo open for campers to use.


I had not yet bought food during the day, but fortunately I still had enough in my bag to prepare myself a tasty diner.


What a delight to only hear the dripping of the rain on the trees and for the rest, complete silence.


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