Week 11 : Indre Nordmannseth – North Cape

Tuesday 31/7 : Indre Nordmannseth – Honningsvåg  (76 km – 747m D+)

Beautiful ride along the fjord and green hills with low tundra vegetation. Very wide views. The houses looked like toy houses in the middle of the far stretching landscape. The wind can sometimes have a speed of 70 meters/second, but fortunately this was not the case today, there was only a gentle breeze. It was an exceptionnally clear day, because they usually have a lot of fog up here. We also saw many reindeer.

I didn’t want to cycle through the rather dangerous tunnel of 7km to the North Cape island of Magerøya, so I went with  Els van Vlimmeren in her camper. On the island of Magerøya itself there was another 4.5 km tunnel in which there clearly was a shortage of fresh oxygen. I got a sore throat from it and I was relieved when I got out. I also cycled past the location where the film ‘Yearning for Today’ by Knut Erik Jensen was shot.

Honningsvåg is a charming port town, but everything was already closed when we arrived. We will visit it when we return from the North Cape.

Wednesday 1/8 :  Honningsvåg – Nordkapp (32,3km – 849 m D+)


28th birthday of my nephew Wolf Van Tulden  and the last ride Northward from Honnigvåg to North Cape.


A few kilometers after Honnigvåg I had a climb of 9% for about 2.8 km to cope with. I then thought it would be the only steep climb and that the rest of the ride across the plateau would just be ‘undulating’, but that was a seriously erroneous assumption. After that first climb, there was a long descent and then a second long climb, and as “a cherry on the cake” even a third climb followed, straightforward which did not seem to end.


At the beginning of the first climb I met Tilly Calloz, my one-week bike mate. She was one day ahead, but in the descent she got a flat rear tire. Together we put the bike upside down and took the inner tube out of the the tire. Then, while we were pumping there wasn’t any air getting into the tube. As there wasn’t any leak to be found with the naked eye, we assumed there was probably a problem with the valve.

Tilly had to catch a boat at 2 pm and was trying to get a lift to go to the bicycle repair shop in Honnigvåg, but at first nobody stopped, so I called Els who was driving a little way in front. Els turned around, but by the time she arrived, the bike was already on the empty rack of the camper of a friendly Norwegian couple who had met Tilly before. I do not know yet if she got her tire repaired and caught her boat on time.


We have not yet taken the photo with my bicycle at the North Cape monument because there were too many bus tourists this afternoon.


Tomorrow I will go to Sweden with Els with the camper and at 1500 km from Antwerp she will drop me off and I will start cycling back. I hope to be back in Antwerp by the end of August.

After 60 cycling days, 3,534.6 km and 34,324 altimeters, I reached the final destination of this trip for the student project in Bubaque. Many thanks to the many sponsors, they gave me a great boost during difficult moments. The counter now stands at 3500 €.


For those who still want to make a contribution: please, find all necessary information on www.60-65.net.


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The ‘official’ North Cape pictures taken on Wednesday evening August 1 and Thursday morning August 2, with a sudden difference in temperature of 20°C!

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Thursday 2/8

We left the North Cape site with mist and storm wind, but this didn’t keep us from driving through the charming fishing villages Skarsvåg and Gjesvær. In the port of Honnigsvåg three large cruise ships were docked.

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Friday 3/8

Friday we drove along road 93 through extensive forests and alongside huge lakes. On some of these lakes, we saw water airplanes. We had never seen such a plane from nearby.


In a supermarket in Lapland, we saw many people — women, men and children — wearing their traditional dresses.



Bik crossing the Polar Circle southbound just south of Jokkmokk (means ‘crooked river’ in Sami a Sami local told us), Sweden! 🙂
When we crossed it northbound, Bik was in the camper on the ferry’s car deck, so unfortunately he couldn’t pose for the picture then, which he actually really enjoys. Proud of our lovely pet.



Saturday 4/8

After hours of driving through endless forests, we stopped in Porjus at the fully cramped Lapse souvenir shop of Bjorn Thunborg. (www.thunborgviltaffar.se).


Bjorn also sold CD’s from local artists. Since I was looking for suitable music to go with the Powerpoint presentation I want to make about this trip, we started a conversation. He recommended a CD from the group ‘Jarnna’, with Katarina Rimp, a local Sami singer, and Mandi Senger, an East German musician who had fallen in love with the Sami culture and language. Bjorn knew them personally and sold their CD’s directly without an intermediary salesperson. We listened to different CD’s from local singers, and I did indeed prefer Jarnna’s, with its very beautiful melancholic and contemplative songs.


He also told us a lot about northern Sweden, which the Southerners unjustly considered as a backward area. The main sources of income in the north are heavy industry – hydropower plants, copper and iron ore mines – and tourism. During the winter, however, there isn’t any tourism in this region, so then he travels along the various winter markets with his goods.


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When we crossed the Polar Circle just south of Jokkmokk, we stopped for the obligatory picture near the noticeboard and visited the tavern with souvernir shop. There we started to talk about the things of life with Mareno Gaylok, a Sami who in earlier days had a music band and who knows a lot about the local music scene.


I told him I had just bought a CD from Jarnna and he said he had played music with them. He told us there are no more than 20,000 Sami and that the chance they know each other is quite high. Mareno has a very long Spotify play list and he jotted down numerous names on an address card for us to check out. After this long, warm and informative chat, we thought it was time for a group selfie before we left.

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Monday 6/8

Monday evening’s camp place at a lake near Tyfors, with a doorless forest toilet and dried fish hanging in the trees, much to Bik’s pleasure.

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Sunset over the Västerdalälven River in Grönalid, Sweden.