vzw De Boot

29th of July – camping next to vzw De Boot with provisions as a gift 


There were no campsites between Diksmuide and Ieper, nor did I find a garden through the ‘Welcome to my garden’ platform, but WTMG-hostess Barbara had given me the number and address of Bart Castelein from VZW De Boot in Merkem. With Bart’s permission I was allowed to camp on a field behind the parking lot. Bart wasn’t there when I arrived at De Boot, but after a phone call from Anne everything alright.


On the way I had not come across any stores and my provisions had strongly shrunk. Therefore I was very happy to get some buns and cheese from Anne, who stood behind the bar. That would certainly be enough food for tonight and tomorrow morning.


After I had set up my tent and slid down into my mattress seat to have dinner, the neighboring farmer came to scatter one dung cart after another across the field behind. Despite this rural smell, the cheese buns were delicious. 😊


A little later Bart himself arrived with his racing bicycle. De Boot organizes exhibitions and other great activities. On my way I saw a poster for an activity from last year.


Check https://www.deboot.be/ for more information.

Thank you very much, Bart & Co to have helped me out.


Gifts for my walk for Infirmiers de Rue asbl can be made via their website, stating ‘gift walk eva’. Many thanks in advance.

For donations:
Infirmiers de rue/Straatverplegers