Wilson Jamil Manuel Banca

Wilson's main dream is to become a medical practitioner. Since he was a child he has always believed that he will be able to follow this course and that this dream may come true, whatever the circumstances.

He was born in a poor family and he is not receiving any support or encouragements from his family to follow this course. They are primarily involved in agriculture and ceremonies, and they do not care about studying. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties they were facing, his father motivated him to go to school and he owes him much gratitude for this.

In addition, he lives in a poor country that has no developed medical and health services, and that is why he would like to become a doctor. He wants to contribute to the people of Guinea-Bissau and to society in general. His wish is that all children of Guinea-Bissau be healthy.

To realize his dream, Wilson will have to go to university in Bissau. Reach Out still has to figure out the cost of his studies and boarding expenses.

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