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  • patricia says:

    Hi Eva, step by step you reached already Denmark in 2 weeks !? Hope the weather is better there… And hope you will meet more supporting people!

  • patricia says:

    Hi Eva – altough the weather, step by step you have nearly reached 1 year for 1 student (1300euro) – so gogogo for more hoping you will meet more & more warmhearted people to support your dream to offer at least 1 student a whole course of 3years for their dream… (but also enjoy your sponsor trip)

  • patricia says:

    hi Eva, good news ! some friends gave already cash money for your Bubaque project (they have no internet banking)

    • eva van tulden says:

      Super, Patricia. They can also do a paper money transfer, you can tell them

  • patricia says:

    I’ll be there for your Kick Off 60-65 at Brabo-City Hall of Antwerp !

  • patricia says:

    Super Eva ! Wish you all the best for your noble project. Gogogo and we follow you with our hearts (and purse!)

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