Due to travel restrictions on account of the Corona virus, Reach Out will undertake a fundraising campaign in Belgium for a Belgian charity. Provided, of course, the authorities authorize us to travel freely within Belgium. The charity is Street Nurses and the fundraising campaign will consist of a walk around Belgium’s borders.

This implies we will be supporting two concurrent projects in 2020.

New Arrangements for Sponsors

  • As of May, all one-off donations we receive will be destined for Street Nurses until this temporary fundraising campaign ends. However, rather than paying your donation into Reach Out’s account, it is much simpler to donate directly to Streetnurses and mention on the money transfer ‘Gift for Eva’s hike’ (see account number below)
  • Nothing changes for our earlier recurrent sponsors because we continue to pay Cipriano’s overhead costs until he obtains his teacher’s degree. Of course, we will comply with sponsors’ explicit demands to temporarily redirect their donations to Street Nurses.

Tax Deductible Donations via Street Nurses*

New recurrent sponsors and one-off donations of more than 40 euros are (probably*) tax-deductible when they are directly paid into Street Nurse’s bank account IBAN: BE91 0014 6955 7676 – BIC: GEBABEBB. Please add ‘Gift for Eva’s Hike’ on the communication so as to allow Street Nurses to check whether Eva will meet her fundraising target of 3,500 euros. This amount is enough to fill the backpacks of street nurses with medical supplies during one year.

Likewise, you may also give a donation, with the same communication, via Street Nurses online donations platform.

(*) Since 2008, Street Nurses has been authorised to issue tax certificates for donations of at least €40 on an annual basis. The procedure for renewing this authorisation is currently underway for a further period of 6 years, from 1 January 2020 on. Street Nurses hopes to have very soon a firm confirmation from the FPS Finance about this.

Donations smaller than 40 euros and kilometre sponsoring may traditionally be made via Reach Out's payment buttons