Preview of 2019 Expedition

Searching for ‘common ground’ in the UK and Ireland

The decision is definitive: the Brexit has been delayed and 60-65 can depart for the UK and Ireland without any frontier problem.

In May, she will depart from Antwerp and cross the Channel to Dover from Dunkirk or Calais. After that, only the clockwise direction of the cycling tour has been decided: starting in southern England, from there cross to Ireland and the west coast of Scotland and return to Hull or Dover via the west coasts of Scotland and England.

Looking for Common Ground in the UK

The UK is marked by multiple breaches: not only the Brexit at the political level, with England that wants to quit the EU, Scotland that would rather stay within, and neighbouring country Ireland that will not quit, which turns the frontier with Northern Ireland more problematic. The frontier that has, for so many years, been the frontline of interreligious fights between Protestants and Catholics. In addition, due to its Commonwealth past, the UK itself is a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and religions. Conflicts and the powerful interest groups that spark them are amply being covered in the media, but there is also so much that ordinary people have in common at the existential level. 60-65 will try to unearth these common features and anxieties by talking to people on the street, in pubs, etc.

Spirituality in Ireland: a meeting with the East?

In the Middle Ages, Ireland was a centre of Christian spirituality and mysticism. There are many similarities to be found with Eastern religious traditions, that are currently a source of inspiration for many people in the ever-rushing West. This will be the topic during the travels in Ireland.

Fewer Miles

In addition to the usual cycling trip reports, 60-65 will also focus on existential human stories and anxieties that are common to people in all cultures and religions. This search for common ground at various levels, from the superficial Brexit quarrels to our deepest spiritual needs, will require much time and research. So there will probably be less time left for mile crunching…

Continue fundraising for Cipriano’s Studies

Meanwhile, 60-65 will continue raising funds for the student project in Bubaque (Guinee Bissau). Her first goal is to raise sufficient money to finance the high school studies of Cipriano Sabino Joaquim, including board and lodging costs on the mainland. Cipriano started last September and has another three years to go, for which Reach Out will have to raise an additional 10,000 euros or 8,580 pounds.

Three ways to sponsor the 2019 expedition

Recurrent donors and kilometre sponsors will receive Reach Out’s end-of-year financial and operational reports.

One-off donors who give €100 or more will receive the financial and operational report of the current financial year.