Preview of 2019 Expedition

A tour of the UK and Ireland

Unless the Brexit causes a civil war, 60-65 intends to cycle the tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2019.


The main lines of the trajectory have not been decided yet. Either she starts via the southernmost point of England (Land’s End) and follows from there the northbound coastline until the city of Fishguard, where she can take a ferry to Ireland. Or she may first go north to cycle counter-clockwise around Scotland and cross from there to Ireland, to return to Belgium via south England.

Fewer kilometres but more human interest stories

During the 2018 expedition to the North Cape, the focus was on crunching away kilometres so as to reach the Cape by late July. From 14 May until 29 July, the midnight sun can be admired on the North Cape and that is something one does not want to miss.


In the mysterious UK and mystical Ireland, 60-65 will, in addition to trip reports, also focus on local myths, legends and human interest stories. This will require more preliminary research with local contacts, while rendering the input in blog, photo and/or video reports will also take time. This approach will therefore result in fewer cycling kilometres, but in more personal contacts and enriching experiences.


This is also why 60-65 will depart without a predefined trajectory. The route she will follow will also depend on interesting story hints by the local population. Setting out on a journey without knowing in advance where it will take you… isn’t that wonderful?

Three ways to sponsor the 2019 expedition

Recurrent donors and kilometre sponsors will receive Reach Out’s end-of-year financial and operational reports.

One-off donors who give €100 or more will receive the financial and operational report of the current financial year.