Pierre in Herbeumont

August 27: Lunch break in Herbeumont


On today’s route I ended up in Herbeumont and there I was happy I could find something to eat. As my legs felt a bit tired around noon, I decided to take a long lunch break in a tavern. According to the GPS app Komoot, the second part of the trip to Chiny would be less difficult.


In the tavern I met Pierre, a retired banker from Genk. He had noticed my flag on my backpack and asked me what is was about. After I handed him a flyer he immediately he reached for his wallet and gave a donation that immediately cleared the last ounce of tiredness in my legs. After that we had a very nice chat about about life and the figurative backpacks that we all carry and of course also about the banking crisis and NewB ECV Act to change banking – NewB! (NL), Belgium’s almost-new cooperative bank.

Pierre preferred not to be in the picture. In the end it was after 3 pm before I was back on the road ….


Gifts for my walk for Street Nurses vzw can be made via their website, stating ‘gift walk eva’. Many thanks.

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