Petra & Philip


August 30: West Flemish couple restores camping Beau Rivage (Wisembach)


Since June 2019 Petra and Philip are the managers of Toen ik bij Camping Beau Rivage. It is a charming Ardennes campsite on the banks of the Sûre. The buildings are 200 years old and radiate a lot of ‘couleur locale’ and history.


Six weeks before the reopening date at the end of June 2019, they found the campsite in an appalling condition: the previous owner went bankrupt and had simply slammed the door behind him. The buildings were left unused for four years. It was Christmas for four years in a row: the Christmas tree from the last Christmas days was still there.


Philip and Petra found refrigerators and freezers full of rotten food and a stench to make you sick. The walls of the tavern were covered with mildew and started crumbling down. The sanitary buildings were in a terrible condition.

In six weeks they had to restore everything in order to receive the first camping guests.
And they did it!


The campsite is operational again since June 2019. Petra and Philip do all the work themselves: reception, tavern and kitchen, maintenance and repairs, cleaning … Philip does all the renovation and Petra is responsible for the kitchen. She makes everything fresh. All this always with a friendly and warmhearted smile.


As they are the only tavern in the area where you can get something to eat, they regularly have non-campers and people from a neighboring campsite among their clients.


I definitely want to come back here to see how this site developed from a once dilapidated and semi-dilapidated ruin to a rustic yet modern contemporary camping facility with a strong Ardennes character.


I wish Petra and Philip a lot of courage and persistence with all this hard work and I am very grateful that they can give this historic campsite a second life.



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