Patrick Bollard and Eleanore

June 26-27  : Dinner aboard a sailboat


Wednesday evening at the small grocery store in Knightstown, I got engaged in a talk with Patrick Bollard and his partner Eleanore. They had moored their small sailboat in the harbour and were asking whether there was a place where they could take a shower.


When they heard I was doing a long cycling expedition for Cipriano, they immediately gave me a cash donation. They also invited me — with some insistence because I should have worked away my translation backlog — to come to their boat and dine together. A veggie pasta with lots of garlic 😀.


It was a delightful evening because it soon became clear that we had quite many interests in common: cycling, hiking, camping, outdoor activities, slow traveling, social commitment….


On Thursday, we happened to meet again at the camping. They had come here to take a shower, to take a look at my recycled bike and to say goodby.

Tx a lot for the donation, the friendship and the wonderfull evening, Patrick and Eleanore!