No Péga Môn

No Péga Môn is an operational partner. It takes care of all Reach Out's work in Bubaque and makes sure donations are exclusively used to pay tuition and boarding fees and course-related costs.Thanks to No Péga Môn, Reach Out can avoid expensive trips to Bubaque. No Péga Môn also provided all Bubaque pictures and videos posted on this website and is a partner in communications.

De kringwinkel Antwerpen

Reach Out is in favor of a circular economy. The Antwerp network of recycling shops donated 60-65’s bicycle and supports our campaigns with equipment donations where possible. De Kringwinkel Antwerpen is a major material sponsor and also a partner in communications.

Humanistisch Verbond vzw

The Flemish Humanist Association is 60-65's employer. It exempts her from labour duties for 6 months a year so that she can conduct the annual fundraising campaign for the Bubaque student programme. Humanistisch Verbond Is also a partner in communications. offers free web hosting to Reach Out and helps maintain the website and social media.


60-65 uses NewB’s GoodPay prepaid MasterCard for her en-route expenses. This card enables her to donate 5cts per transaction to an NGO that is affiliated with NewB. Unfortunately, Reach Out is not yet a NewB affiliate.