Mouloudje Biskri


30th of  July – Algerian solidarity with the homeless


When I was having a fresh Tonic at the bar of Biking Box while waiting for a rental bike, Mouloudje came in to order a beer. I was joking about his heavily torn trousers and we started chatting.


When I told him what I was doing, he immediately gave a cash gift and paid my Tonic.
Mouloudje is of Algerian origin, but he is not an average new Belgian. He became honorary citizen of Australia because he located a number of graves or places of death of Australian casualties in the Great War. He is very busy with the war past in this region.


We ended up talking for so long that he offered me a second Tonic.
Tx, Mouloudje, for your fascinating stories and solidarity with the most vulnerable among us!


Gifts for my walk for Infirmiers de Rue asbl can be made via their website, stating ‘gift walk eva’. Many thanks in advance.

For donations:
Infirmiers de rue/Straatverplegers