Why 60-65?

When I was in my forties, I travelled by bike in Ladakh, Rajasthan and Gujarat and saw the precarious conditions in which local villagers are living. During that 6-month trip, I decided that at the age of 60, I would spend part of my savings to do something for an underprivileged community. In 2018, I turn 60.

Why Bubaque?

In April 2016 I met with Gerarda and Ernest from No Péga Môn at a fundraising event for a Taiko band whose drums had been stolen.They were selling handcrafted objects from Bubaque to raise money for their projects on the island. This was the very first time I heard of Bubaque. Their sincerity and dedication to their cause immediately touched my heart. I felt an urge to help them, but didn’t have time. In the autumn of 2016, I started dreaming about the Reach Out project which is now materializing.

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60-65's Dream...

To eventually enable all undergraduates from underprivileged families to study for teacher so as to help develop their local communities.

Why long-distance cycling for a cause?

This adventurous and strenuous undertaking integrates my lifelong passions: social commitment, solo travelling and endurance sports.

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