More about Bubaque’s needs

General information

Bubaque is the main island of the Bijagos archipelago off the coast of Guinea Bissau. The archipelago hosts a community of some 30,000 people dispersed over 40 islands. Large NGO’s do not/cannot help local communities because their ‘return on investment’ would be too low for so few people. This means islanders are left to their own devices. Their needs in the areas of education are immense.


There are only a few primary schools on the outer islands. Secondary schools and high schools are only found in Bubaque or Bissau. Since there is no transportation from and to the islands, students need to stay in Bubaque or Bissau. Poor families cannot afford this. Therefore it is important to try and install secondary schools with qualified teachers on the most populated islands.

What will Reach Out try to do for Bubaque?

Reach Out will support the educational programmes set in motion by our partner organisation No Péga Môn. It is our dream to eventually be able to send all secondary school pupils who want to study for teacher to Bolama high school or to a school in the capital Bissau. In return, students have to commit themselves to teach for a few years on the islands for the benefit of local youngsters.