Kjell Roger Bolstad

Saturday 28/7

When we camped in Alta on a small rocky beach at the Altafjord near een residential precinct.
A car with an elderly gentleman and two women parked not far from us. They looked around a while, and when they went back to their car, the man, Kjell Roger Bolstad, began to talk with us because he had seen we had a Belgian license plate and he visited Brussels a long time ago, when one of his relatives worked at a research center in Delft (NL).
Kjell was born in the community of Alta at the Altafjord in 1939. His grandparents lived in Alta. His grandfather, a whale and seal hunter, taught him to swim at this very beach. At that time, there were only two dwellings, including that of Kjell’s grandparents, in this area which is now full of houses.
In 1944 the Russians drove the Germans out of Russia into Norway. The Germans destroyed everything on their way in the province of Finnmark and 50.000 Norwegians fled to the south. Alta, too, was completely burned down. Kjell and his family also fled for three years.
After the war, Kjell studied in south Norway and then he moved for good to Bergen. He had now come back to his native region with his two sisters to attend a school reunion, and he seized this opportunity to visit the place where his grandfather taught him to swim.
On the picture, Kjell Roger Bolstad and his sister Tove Forberg.