Kilometre sponsoring

Kilometre sponsors commit to paying a specific amount per cycled kilometre. Their conditional ‘I owe you’ amounts will be posted on a km-sponsors’ table. The cycled kilometres are recorded with the Strava app.


31 August is kilometre sponsoring cutoff date.  Soon afterwards, sponsors will be invited to pay the amount they promised.


It is difficult to estimate the total number of kilometres for the England – Ireland – Scotland trajectory, because it will be decided from day to day. The planned trip and human interest video reports will also be time-consuming. Therefore, we do not expect the counter to exceed the 5,000 km (3,100 miles) of last year’s North Cape trip. Anyway, if it does, we will not charge any kilometres above 5,000.


Euros/km Maximum Donation
5,000 km
0,01 € 50   £ 43
0,05 € 250   £ 215
0,10 € 500   £ 430

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