Jane Harlington

August 5th : Isle of Lewis


One more heart-warming report from yesterday.
Upon entering Carloway, it began to rain just at a moment when I passed the Blue Pig Studio Gallery of Jane Harlington. Good enough a reason to park my bike and pay a visit. Jane creates beautifull stylized (lino)prints, graphical art and ceramics, and she also sells work made by other local artists.

We talked quite a long time about art, the meaning of life, religion and my cycling expedition for Cipriano and I bought a small woven Celtic Cross that is not too heavy for taking with me on my bike.

When I was about to leave, Jane asked my to write something in her diary and she donated for Cipriano and gave me a small Blue Pig pendant, to keep as a memento of our interaction. I let her read a beautiful poem by Joseph Plunkett in the ‘Irish Meditations’ book by Ulrich Libbrecht, and she copied it in her diary.



I was happy that it started raining at this very spot…. Serendipity.

Thanks, Jane, I will give the blue pig a nice place in my apartment.