Is It ‘Over and Out’ for Cipriano?

In this video clip, which was recorded just before the written exam on September 28th, Cipriano explains with lots of enthusiasm and energy why he would have liked to continue studying at the Chico Té institute. This dream will not come true, but hopefully he will obtain his teacher's degree at the Lyceum..

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Cipriano didn’t make it. 

His dream went up in smoke, but…

he will be given a second chance

Ndao, Cipriano’s coach in Bissau, sent us a WhatsApp message telling us that 870 candidates took the written examination of the renowned Chico Té school on September 28th.


Cipriano was among the 80 candidates who passed and could take the oral test, after which the 35 best students would be allowed to start their college studies. Cipriano had studied very hard, but unfortunately he had an attack of paludism (malaria) just before the exam. He was still sick when it was his turn, but despite that he was able to answer most questions.

Only Three Places...

Cipriano finished 38th, only three places outside the selection. He was very disappointed. Was it bad luck? Or was it bad intent of the school management(s) who want to squeeze the Western sponsor a little further for exam fees, expensive certificates of previous diplomas, and so on? Who will say …


The headmaster advised Ndao to allow Cipriano to take the entrance exam at the end of November at the lyceum, a school with a slightly lower ranking. A student of his caliber would certainly succeed there.

Second Chance at Lyceum

In order to prevent abuse, our study agreement states that students must succeed each year to receive further funding. We allowed the catch-up year in Chico Té because the secondary education that Cipriano received in Bubaque was substandard.


However, the Reach Out team cares very much about Cipriano because he is so motivated and working so terribly hard. Therefore we decided to give him a second chance.


On November 25 Cipriano will take the entrance exam a the lyceum in Bissau, which also offers a teacher training course. So we will have to wait and see what happens in another month …