Hammerum Skole


Thursday 16/8 – Hammerum Skole

Thursday morning around 9hrs I was having breakfast and reading my emails, when a group of 35 pupils from the 7th grade ( = the 1 year of secondary school in Belgium) and three teachers arrived with their bicyles at the shelter place. They came here to enjoy nature during the day and stay for the night in the shelters. What a great way to start the new school year, which began last Monday in Denmark.


The teachers saw on my bike flag that I had cycled to the North Cape for a cause and asked me to explain why I was doing this, which I did with utmost pleasure.


One of the teachers gives a facultative creative workshop using recycled materials, so I explained her that I had made this cycle tour with a bike from the Antwerp recycling shops, and that it is not really necessary to buy a very expensive bike to do this.


Afterwards, they took a picture of me with my bike to post on the closed Facebook page of their school.


Thanks, Hammerum Skole from Hammerum Hovedgade 1 te 7400 Herning! I hope we will stay in touch.


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You can support the Bubaque student project via the https://www.60-65.net/solidarity/ link. We need another 1000€ to be able to send Carlos, the second candidate student, to highschool in September.