Emanuelle & co.


2nd of August: Emanuelle and family


This afternoon I found a more pleasant place to have lunch and rest than yesterday: a beautiful lawn with a picnic bench in the shade of a tree, and the trunk of that tree was just angled enough to be used as a back support after lunch.


When I was getting ready to leave, an Islamic family with five children had settled under the next tree.


Suddenly Emanuelle came to me with a fresh bottle of water and all kinds of goodies from their picnic bag. My water supply was still large enough, but I really enjoyed a fresh mini cornetto ice cream.


Emanuelle‘s  family has lived in Menen for 12 years. They speak French, Arabic and Dutch, and the eldest daughter even knows five languages, including Latin.



Giften voor mijn staptrektocht voor Straatverplegers vzw kunnen via hun website, met vermelding ‘gift staptocht eva’. Veel dank.

Voor giften:
Straatverplegers/Infirmiers de rue