Cloud of Starlings

Friday 17/8 :  Grindsted – Skærbæk (89,5 km – 152 m D+)

The ‘moment supreme’ of my 7-day journey through Denmark: a cloud of starlings! What a spectacle! On the second film, I stood right underneath them.

#cloudofstarlings #magnificentnature

Saturday 18/8 :  Skærbæk – Husum Ballum  (18,8 km – 11 m D+)

The few kilometers I cycled on Saturday were a fight against the elements, more particularly against a headwind of 50 km/hr.

Appeal to help Reach Out for Bubaque to also send Carlos, the second student, to high school in September. Carlos wants to study general nursing to improve the poor healthcare system on his island. See on how you can contribute.


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