Cipriano Is Brilliant Student!

Cipiano in class room

Cipriano in student room

Despite having enjoyed deficient secondary education at the isle of Bubaque, Cipriano passed the entrance examination at the high school in Bissau, but he was not allowed in because there were insufficient places for all successful candidates. Only the very best were accepted. Fortunately Ndao, No Pega Mon’s chargé d’affaires in Bubaque/Bissau, managed to get him into the special ‘Chico Té’ institute that offers intensive courses to prepare students for entrance examinations at high schools. Ndao also rented a room for Cipriano and arranged daily meals for him at a local restaurant.


This means that during the current academic year, Cipriano will be able to catch up and get ready for a second try at a high school examination in October. An additional advantage of the Chico Té institute is that it grants a ‘Portuguese language’ certificate at the end of this school year, which means Cipriano will at least have one official document in his hands.


Chico Té is a rigorous school that offers no second try to its students. In March, Cipriano had to take a test allowing him to embark on the last trimester. He obtained a brilliant result: Ndao sent us a message saying he came out as the best of his group with an average mark of 18/20!


Congrats, Cipriano, on behalf of the Reach Out team and all our sponsors!