Cipriano Embarks on Last Stretch Toward Diploma

Last spring we wrote that Cipriano had another two trimesters to go before obtaining the diploma allowing him to teach at primary schools. According to this scenario, he was supposed to graduate in December 2020.


Corona Thwarts Cipriano’s School Year


The Covid-19 pandemic, however, which reached Guinea Bissau last March, completely overturned this scenario. Like in Belgium, the authorities shut down all schools and closed national borders. Since the virus did not reach the Bijagos archipelago, we advised Ndao and Cipriano to return to the isle of Bubaque until the situation on the mainland would be under control again. At his father’s request, Cipriano travelled onward to his paternal home on the isle of Orango, where he stayed all summer.


Back in Bissau


After the summer, they returned to Bissau since schools were to reopen in autumn. Before starting on his final semester, Cipriano had to take another exam. He passed the test, although his grade was lower than is usually the case (65%).


In early October, we managed to talk with Cipriano and Ndao via a video Whatsapp call. They were both happy to be back in town and Cipriano said he was eager to resume his studies.


Since mid-October, Cipriano has embarked on the final stretch toward his diploma.  Due to the Covid-19-induced delays, he will not graduate at the end of 2020, but probably in the course of next year.