Cipriano briefly hospitalized

November 2020 – Cipriano briefly hospitalized


Cipriano suddenly developed a high fever and a splitting headache. The doctors said it was an attack of chronic malaria. Cipriano had to go to hospital for a few days, scans were taken of his head and he was given medication by intravenous drip.


Once back home, Cipriano had to rest. The first few days he had no appetite at all, but Tida, the wife of Cipriano’s coach Ndao, prepared all kinds of treats that made him slowly get some appetite again.


Native healing ceremony


When Ndao informed Cipriano’s parents by phone about their son’s health, Cipriano’s father insisted that his son should come to their home island of Orango to undergo a healing ritual there. Otherwise, Cipriano might die, his father said.

So it happened …


Homem Grande


We didn’t receive any pictures of Cipriano’s healing ritual, but our partner No Péga Mon gave us a nice story about the master of ceremonies on this picture.


He led ceremonies only occasionally and for the rest he survived on alms. He never went to school, but was exceptionally intelligent and had a heart-warming sense of humor. His title was “homem grande” (wise man). He was almost blind due to neglected cataract care. He passed away last year.


No Péga Mon sees the publication of this photo as a posthumous tribute to a special and wise man.


All’s well that ends well


Cipriano is currently healed and is back in school. Thanks to medicine or to the indigenous rituals? God will know …