Barbara & Peter


25th and 26th July – Heavy rainstorm survived thanks to Barbara and Peter.


In Ostend-Mariakerke I ended up in a fantastic host family again.

Because heavy rain was predicted for the night, Barbara and Peter came to fix an extra tarpaulin above my tent in the first wet. The tarp endured the most violent showers that followed, so I stayed dry for the whole night.


Barbara and Peter are avid cyclists, walkers and campers themselves. They love it when like-minded people stay in their garden and share experiences.


Their first ‘test evening’ with garden campers took place many years ago. One evening, a young scout came to ask if he could spend the night in their garden. When they agreed, five other young people emerged from the bushes. That night there were six tents in their garden. That was not really the intention, but they still liked it a lot. The first seed for the ‘Welcome to my garden’ was sown then.


When I left after a steaming cup of coffee on Monday morning (actually already around noon due to the morning rain), they said they had also transferred some money for my charity. Many thanks from myself for their hospitality and from Straatverplegers vzw for their generosity!


Gifts for my walk for Infirmiers de Rue asbl can be made via their website, stating ‘gift walk eva’. Many thanks in advance.

For donations:
Infirmiers de rue/Straatverplegers