Auberge de l’Embarcadère


August 27 : A bed, bath and leek soup at Auberge de l’Embarcadère (Chiny)


The Komoot GPS app instructed me to keep walking through the forest next to the bend of the Semois, but a pedestrian bridge across the river to Chiny was too tempting, and the road through the village to camping Le Canada was quite a bit shorter.


First I passed a nice hotel with a garden stretching all the way to the banks of the Semois.

Shortly afterwards I had to turn left, and just around the corner I saw Auberge de l’Embarcadère , where a man was sitting on the terrace. I asked about the price of a room, because if the difference with a campsite was not too big, I would have liked to take a room, especially because the day after I had another +20km hike ahead of me. Moreover rain was predicted for the night …


The room was a bit overpriced. I said that I was on a three-month hike for a good cause and therefore tried to spend the night on a low budget. One thing led to another. Johan turned out to be a hiker himself who had already been in the Carpathians and Antarctica. He gave me a room at a reduced price.


On top of that he treated me with an Agrum and a little later with a bowl of thick leek soup with bread. As I was feeling quite hungry after today’s hike, that went in very smoothly.


The next morning a steaming pot of coffee was waiting for me and I was given some milk to pour over my bowl of oatmeal. I also got two thick slices of raisin bread with fresh butter, which I took with me for the road. I hadn’t had such a luxurious breakfast with coffee for a long time.


Thanks, Johan, for the warm hiker’s solidarity!


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