Antwerpen – Amsterdam


Schijf - Rotterdam


Week 1 - From Antwerp to Amsterdam

1. Antwerpen-Schijf (54km)

On Tuesdag 22 May I departed from the Antwerp central market square, surrounded by my family, best friends and colleageus. I rode via Merksem, along the canal of Schoten until Brecht and from their to the little Dutch village of Schijf, where I stayed for the first night at camping Schijvenaar.

2. Schijf-Rotterdam (72 km)

The owner of camping Schijvenaar sponsored my stay at her camping. It was raining in the morning, so I departed in the early afternoon after the rain had stopped. From Schijf, I cycled to to Moerdijk and crossed the river Hollands Diep via the famous Moerdijkbrug. From there, I rode via very peaceful and agrarian Dutch polder landscapes until the city of Dordrecht. Between Dordrecht and Rotterdam, the landscape was highly industrialized, with numerous bridges, railways and highways. At dusk, I arrived in Rotterdam.

3. Rotterdam-Katwijk aan Zee (50 km)

The city camping of Rotterdam also offered me a free stay at the camping. It was still drizzling when I departed for Katwijk aan Zee via the cities of Delft, The Hague and Wassenaar. The final strech through the dunes the rain stopped, so my clothes had dried up by the time I arrived at Katwijk.

4. Katwijk aan Zee – Badhoevedorp (44 km)

After a beautiful stretch through the dunes between the coastal villages Katwijk and Noordwijk, I cycled the greater part of this trajectory alongside a shady canal. This was the first time I had back wind, so I went pretty fast. The last 5 km I cycled alongside Schiphol Airport and watched the planes’ landing and departing. Very impressive.

At Badhoevedorp, I stayed for two nights with my friends Martin and Monica Harlaar, who from Saturday through Sunday afternoon took part in a 24-hour march against cancer. Their team collected 1400 euros in support of a cancer research fund. RESPECT