5th ride: Amsterdam-Almere in thunderstorm

5th ride: Amsterdam-Almere in thunderstorm (48km)

I departed Amsterdam in the sun. First, I went to the Belly Dance shop of a friend to give her some Reach Out project flyers. Subsequently, I headed eastward, passing via the beautiful village of Muiden and its old fortress. By the time I wanted to leave Muiden, black thunderstorm clouds started piling up. I checked Google Maps to find the nearestby camping, which was 11 km further in the city of Almere. By the time I got there, it the rain was already pouring down. The camping is located outside the city, at the other side of a highway where heavy road construction works were going on and the usual bike paths were closed. My GPS kept leading me toward these closed paths, and I couldn’t check the actual map for an alternative way.

While I was trying to find a way, hell broke out: hail, non-stop thunder and lightning… and no place to hide at all. Fortunately, a noticed a few sewer pipes alongside the construction works and I hid in one of them, for almost 1,5 hour!