Activitetscenter Lind – Herning Kommune

Wednesday 15/8 :  Activitetscenter Lind – Herning Kommune

Wednesday I was behind with social media updates because I had no wifi in the Danish free shelter places, so when I passed an Activity Center’ in Lind, I decided to go in and ask whether I could use their wifi for an hour or so.
That was OK so I nestled in an easy chair in the income hall and started to work. Soon, a group of elderly stood around my bike before the front door and asked me whether I had really cycled all the way to the North Cape. We started to chat and they invited me to have lunch together.

In the dining room was a show going on of all the recreational activities on offer at the center, so I made some pictures.

The center has only one staff member, for the rest it depends on committed volunteers. It positively struck me that the 6-member kitchen team consisted entirely of men!


Very grateful for your warm hospitality, everybody at the Activitetscenter Lind in Herning Kommune!


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