Why we need to help them


The main island of Bijagos, an unknown and therefore unloved archipelago off the coast of Guinea Bissau.

Why help Bubaque?

There is only one high school on the entire archipelago. Transportation between the islands is expensive and slow, big NGOs ignore the islands because they are too small. Only our local partner No Pega Môn tries to help out the islanders.

What will we do?

Reach Out will support No Pega Môn’s educational projects by sponsoring students to enter higher education.


For the last five years of her career, 60-65 takes off six months a year to embark on a cycling campaign throughout Europe to raise funds for Bubaque. This year's campaign takes her from Antwerp to the North Cape (Norway).

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How will Reach Out help Bubaque?

We want to enable motivated youngsters to study for teacher, nurse or doctor. Upon their return home, they will pass on their knowledge to local kids and create a multiplier effect. In the longer run, the number of qualified youngsters in the archipelago will gradually rise and education and health care will improve.

This year, we selected 5 committed undergraduates who hope we will raise enough funds to see their dream come true in October. You can sponsor them in various ways.


Cipriano Sabino Joaquim

Cipriano would like to become a local teacher to help improve Bubaque's educational system.

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Carlos Dos Santos

Carlos lives on the island of Orangozinho and would like to serve local people by becoming a nurse.

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Anita I. Alves

Anita comes from the island of Uracane. She is currently living in Bubaque so as to be able to go to school. Anita wants to become a nurse to help people who cannot afford medical care.

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